Vacation Tours For Single-Parent Families – Examine Available options

Single parents can get overwhelmed with the heavy load of responsibility and time demands that come with being the only adult in a family. Concerns about money, child rearing, and personal health loom large, and single parents may neglect their own personal needs for relaxation and fun.

If you’re a single parent feeling weighed down by too much to do and not enough time, maybe it’s time for you to think about taking a vacation tour for single-parent families. Everyone needs the occasional vacation, and single parents are no exception to the rule.

A vacation tour for single-parent families offers time to refresh and restore your mind and body and opportunities to get closer to your children in a new environment. It’s a family adventure you’ll share for years to come.

Single parents have their burdens, and children in single-parent families have their own problems, too. They often feel neglected or abandoned by a busy single parent that has to go to work and care for the household. They get little bits of time from their parent and sometimes end up spending much of their time with other caretakers. A vacation tour for single-parent families gives them the chance to be with their single parent in a whole new way.

Vacation tour for single-parent families help you rebuild strained relations with your children. You won’t be answering those phone calls from the boss, meeting with professional colleagues or your kids’ teachers, and you won’t have to deal with the thousands of daily interruptions that keep you and your children at odds.

The community of single-parent families is growing so rapidly that most travel agencies have vacation tours specifically for single-parent families. They’ll arrange for travel by train, plane, or cruise ship and help your family comply with international travel requirements when necessary.

Of course, you can’t just pick up and go for vacation tour for single-parent families. You’ll need to plan your vacation several months in advance to get the best prices and accommodations. A good rule of thumb is to book your vacation tour for single-parent families at least two months before the departure date.

If you don’t have passports or visas, you’ll need to allow a little more time for government processes to work to assure you have the necessary papers. Your travel agent should be able to tell you what the country you’re visiting requires and help you get the paperwork started. If you’re using a travel agent who specializes in vacation tours for single-parent families, they should be able to help you with almost everything you’ll need including travel, hotel accommodations, tickets to special events and entertainment areas, and restaurants that cater to children.

Of course, vacation tours for single-parent families are available within the united states where you don’t have to worry about passports and visas. They’re easier to plan and don’t take as much lead time for reservations.

Wherever you decide to go, you can learn a lot about your destination by visiting the official website and travel-related sites that contain information and travel reviews that will help you figure out what you want to do when you get there. You can also give the country’s consulate a call to get more information about what to see and do, and letting them know you’re a single parent with children may be helpful.

Travel agencies who specialize in vacation tours for single-parent families should be more aware and considerate of your special needs than other agencies. They should understand your time constraints and relieve you of as much of the planning as possible. They should also be experienced working with children on vacation tours for single-parent families.

Some large corporations are sponsoring vacation tour for single-parent families in their company. They may offer the trip as a bonus for outstanding performance or as a special incentive for future performance. If you work at a large corporation, you might check with the personnel office to see if your company has or is planning this great service.

Signing up for a vacation tour for single-parent families is the best favor you can do for yourself and your kids. You all cope with stresses and pressures every day. You more than deserve a quality break, you need it!

Taking the kids on a vacation tour for single-parent families gives you all healthy sunshine and fresh air, brings you together as a family, and gives you memories that will last a lifetime.

Activity and Attraction Add-Ons for Increased Vacation Tour Productivity

Individuals looking to engage in a new type of activity are drawn to adding various types of events to add to their vacation package. Affordable tours offer the customer the luxury of adding additional activities and events to create a whole new experience of leisure fun and adventure at a reasonable price for the traveler. Doing so enables travelers to engage in a fun set of experiences in the departure city before leaving for the main vacation tour for singles, families, friends or businesses.

The demand for additional activities and why they go?

Comprise a large majority of U. S. travel activities, the demand for pre and post activities are rarely capitalized by travel booking agencies and tour operators. When combined with a vacation tour package, the core leisure travel market creates a new opportunity for profit and increased margin on selling an ancillary service above cost. Doing so increases the range operators and agents are able to play with when considering discounting the price of tour packages for the consumer. A smart business and marketing tactic as well as savvy financing then makes the value of the entire package increase while maintaining low costs for the business. Integrating activities, events and attractions in the booking flow allows the consumer to be informed immediately about his options. Flexibility is paramount when risk is allowed due to the potential losses an operator or agent may need to take at first. The hope is to recoup the cost on ancillary services.

The process for advance activity booking

Travel activities that travelers rate as very important tend to be booked in advance before the majority of the tour experience is booked. The most important activities are usually booked before anything else, while moderate activities that are a bit more casual may be booked toward the end of the trip. Marketing and advertising to promote the advance booking of attractions and activities are important to reach the casual consumer early in the buying cycle. A few vacation tour package operators currently give consumers this option when booking their vacation.

The importance of the activity product cycle

It’s important to understand the activity booking habits of consumers when determining the ROI impact. The lag between initial booking and activity booking may increase depending on a lot of different factors. Keep in mind; the most important activities are usually booked first. Perhaps a friendly reminder for discounted activities a short time before the passenger departs is needed for increasing the productivity of affordable tours.

Penang Business Travel Leisure Guide

– When you land at the airport, go to the Taxi counter to purchase the ticket for the taxi queue outside. It costs RM38 to go to the Georgetown area (Evergreen, Traders and G hotels)
– Taxis around Penang are pricey and they will not use the meter. It is pretty standard prices although some drivers may be open to negotiate if you agree to regular pick up. I usually take the hotel shuttle to office but have the same driver pick me up everyday from office at 5pm. It costs 30 ringgit to the Traders hotel from my office in Bayan Lepas industrial areal. One way from Georgetown hotels to Kulim industrial park is about 70 to 90 ringgit. If you are commuting to Kulim daily from a Georgetown hotel, you definitely want to make arrangements with a cabby rather than try to call a cab from office on the way home.

– During rush hour, expect to spend 30 min to/from island and mainland. The ride over the bridge and Kulim may run an hour.

All these hotels have shuttle service to offices in Bayan Lepas industrial park in the mornings.
– Equatorial Hotel, most expensive and most isolated of the hotels. This is a very old hotel and I have chosen not to stay here because it seems to be such an inconvenient place to stay so i will leave it for someone else to chat about.

– Trader’s Hotel, this use to be the old Shangri La hotel and although it is been remodeled, and still very much the same hotel. Plus: Good business hotel with a strong free internet connection, good variety for the free breakfast buffet, comfortable rooms with everything in working order, good grocery store located in the nearby Grand Plaza mall (basement). Minus: No decent restaurants nearby (good hawker stands on Lorong Baru, a 5-10 min walk from the hotel, closed on Wed. )#), there are some mediocre restaurants in the mall behind the hotel (there is a Starbucks in Prangin Mall behind the hotel)

– G Hotel, this is a fairly new hotel but the paint is a already fading in some of the rooms. This is a really popular hotel so it books up quickly. The real draw of this hotel is location right next to the upscale Gurney Plaza. They have made some improvements like bolstering their internet. Plus: Free breakfast and internet, they will give you a ocean view room if available and you ask for it, very nice gym overlooking the ocean, very stylish pool area. Minus: Not enough electrical plugs in the room, no clock, there is no phone on the desk where the cable connection is but you just need to move it yourself, dim lighting in the bathroom, some of the rooms have major plumbing problems (my carpet was soaked because of leaky plumbing; more than one room I stayed in had this problem) basically it seems like this hotel was put up in a hurry with little attention to quality control.

– Evergreen Hotel, Decent cheap hotel, 20 min walk (or 10 Ringitt taxi ride) from Gurney Plaza. Plus: free internet, good business rooms, nearby hotel has Starbucks and some decent restaurants (Nasi Kandar is very good). Minus: corporate rate would not get you an ocean view, breakfast is not free and was not very flavorful.

– Secret Recipe has great desserts but mediocre food, Sushi King has terrible Japanese food, Nasi Kandar has great flavorful curry, the japanese restaurant at the G hotel is very authentic and tasty, the food Loft in Gurney Plaza has a nice selection of international dishes (I recommend the salmon and snow fish in the American section), there is a Chili’s next to the G Hotel that has really good cheeseburgers (which is a treat after 3 weeks in Asia). There are a lot of places that have all you can eat seafood; many of the hotels do and so does a restaurant called Tao’s (great butterfish).
– My favorite hawker stand is located in downtown Georgetown on Lorong Baru. The best Char Koay Teow stand you can find in island. There are hawker stands everywhere in Georgetown, Bayan Lepas, Batu Ferringi, and almost every places you hang out in the island you can find any hawker food around.
– The satay beef and chicken from the hawker stand, near McDonalds, on Gurney Drive is a good choice for trying PG street food. Satay is charcoal grilled, bite sized, skewered meat served with peanut sauce. A meal of 20 skewers will cost $3

-Langkawi Coral reef snorkling is the best daytrip under $100. The package includes hotel pickup and a 2 hour high speed boat ride to and from an unforgettable underwater experience. The shaded snorkeling platform is located in the pristine waters of Pulau Payar, a few feet above one of world’s most spectacular coral gardens. Groupers, Barracuda, and parrotfish are some of the 100s of fish that school around the platform. The sea platform includes an underwater observatory, snorkeling equipment and diving facilities.

The Pros and cons of Tour Travelling

There are pros and cons to both taking a tour and to planning a trip on your own and being in control of your own destinations. I have done both and have enjoyed each one.

Pros of Tour Travelling:

– Everything is looked after for you, i. e.: your large pieces of luggage. You just have to look after your personal items and get where you’re supposed to be on time. When travelling on your own, you are in charge of all your luggage and it can be a lot of hard work depending on the type of travel and places you are going.

– Many of the meals are included. You don’t have to scout around or find suitable restaurants. For the meals not included, restaurants, or at least areas, will be recommended to you with suggestions of places to stay away from.

– You have a pretty good idea of what your trip is going to cost you. There will be extra costs but you can limit them because you know what they will be, i. e.: optional tours, the meals that are not included and of course, souvenir shopping and general spending money.

– You have many friendly (hopefully) travelling companions, especially if travelling on your own. And often there is the option of room sharing to cut down on the costs.

– When travelling in a group there can be a lot of laughter and camaraderie adding to the enjoyment of the trip. I definitely found this to be the case.

– Your various modes of transportation have been taken care of for you. You don’t need to find out train schedules and prices, metro stations and if in a foreign country, how to get along with a language unfamiliar to you. All will be taken care of for you.

– There are explanations and historical commentary about the areas you are travelling through. It’s always nice to get to know the area you are travelling in. Tour travel means you will know without having to search it out for yourself either before your trip or after.

– The included meals are usually quite good and almost always includes breakfast and many of the dinners.

– Besides the optional tours you can choose to take, being on a tour includes many interesting places you may not have been able to get to on your own or have known about. An example of this was when we were in the Outback of Australia and we went into the bush and had dinner; when we were able to try some bush food of the variety that the Aboriginals eat, and the opportunity to be able to try and throw a boomerang.

– During free time, you have the option of staying with your tour group or of exploring on your own. The choice is there to be able to do what you want.

The Cons of Tour Travelling:

– The destinations may not be exactly what you would have chosen on your own. Tours include certain areas, i. e.: you may go to a particular park, a certain area in the city or a factory that you may not have wished to do had you been on your own.

– The trip is generally more rushed than it may be if you were travelling on your own. You are more in control of your travel decisions if you have planned your own trip.

– You have the opportunity to change your mind about what you’re going to do on any given day and do something else. You are more able to be a free spirit.

– Your time is your own and your decision whether to spend the day relaxing on some wonderful beach you’ve just found or enjoying other experiences. When travelling with a tour group you don’t have this opportunity. You go where they go, when they go, or you get left behind.

– You can better make the decision about how you are going to spend your money. When travelling on your own, you may decide to stay at budget hotels or even hostels which is not done when travelling with a tour group. You may decide that by doing this, you’ll have extra money to be able to see more of the sights. This is also the case when travelling by train and public transportation versus flying or going on tour coach buses.

For myself, visits to different countries would determine which way I decide to travel. I think on a trip to African and going on safaris, or if going to Brazil, I would choose to join a tour group. But if i was going to visit Ireland and Scotland, I would rather plan my own trip, choosing my own places to stop and possibly rent a car for travelling. Any decision would have to be, by necessity, based also on whether it is a single person, a couple or a family and even the age of the travellers would need to be a consideration.

When I went to Europe with my daughter-in-law, we planned our own trip, staying in hostels and travelling on public transportation. It worked well for us. The only tour we signed up with was one to Pompeii. Both ways of travel, however, have their pros and cons and each must be evaluated on their own merits.

Rajasthan Tours Travels – Coveted Travel Destinations

Rajasthan, the largest state of India, is one of the most sought after Indian state in terms of travel and tourism. It is widely acclaimed for its rich culture, tradition and glorious past. This royal and imperial Indian state has lots to offer its visitors. Magnificent monuments, invincible forts, elegant palaces, beautiful temples, splendid havelis, wildlife sanctuaries & national parks, desert, rippling sand dunes, historical cities, traditional villages, heritage & palace hotels, etc are key attractions of Rajasthan tourism. Thought the state is the largest Indian state, it has many exciting and interesting travel destinations. This article gives you brief ideas about some of desirable travel destinations of this state.

Jaipur: Jaipur is the capital and largest city of Rajasthan. It is a beautiful royal city and lovingly known as the Pink City of India. Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal (the Palace of Winds), Jantar Mantar Observatory (world heritage site), Govind Devji Temple, Rambagh Palace, Albert Hall Museum, Birla Temple, etc are key attractions of Jaipur tourism.

Udaipur: Udaipur is a beautiful and royal city in Rajasthan. Also known as the City of Lakes & Palaces, this beautiful city is considered as one of the most romantic cities of India. Lake Palace, City Palace, Jagmandir Palace, Monsoon Palace, Lake Pichola, Saheliyon-Ki-Bari, Eklingji Temple, Jagdish Temple, Vintage Car Collections, etc are attractions of Udaipur tourism.

Jodhpur: Positioned at the edge of the Thar Desert, Jodhpur is the second largest city of Rajasthan after the capital city Jaipur. Fondly known as the Blue City of India, this majestic city has lots to offer its visitors. Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace and Jaswant Thada are some of star attraction of Jodhpur tourism.

Bikaner: Sited at the edge of the Thar Desert, Bikaner is a beautiful city and fondly called Camel City or Camel Country. Junagarh Fort, Lalgarh Palace, Fort Museum, Camel Breeding Farm & Research Centre, etc are worth visits on Bikaner tours. Here travelers can also enjoy camel safari ride to see rippling sand dunes.

Jaisalmer: Located in the middle of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer is a beautiful city and wonderful tourist place to visit on Rajasthan tours travels. Golden Fort, Jain Temples, Havelis, Desert National Park, Sand Dunes, Camel Safari, etc are featured attractions of Jaisalmer tourism.

Pushkar, Ajmer, Mount Abu, Bundi, Kota, Ranthambhore, Alwar, Sariska, Mandawa, etc are some other travel destinations which are popular attractions of many Rajasthan tours packages. You can enjoy best of tourism in this royal and imperial state with a right travel package. You can avail your package from one of reputable Travel Agents in Rajasthan India. You shall never forget the charm of your travel in Rajasthan, the land of kings.

Family Tours To India Are Truly Special

India is one of the most highly rated tourist attractions in the world. The country’s rich heritage and culture has something to offer to every tourist who steps into it. The country houses diverse cultures and religion. Apart from that the amazing flora and fauna kingdoms of the nation is a splendid thing to watch. They say, “India is all about unity in diversity”. This is true. There is no other nation like this one. The country is a home of contrasts and charming fascinations. Once a philosopher visited this land. He roamed the country and got mesmerized by its euphoric beauty. He finally had to say, “It’s many colors, but still one photo frame”. He actually wanted to describe the unique diversity of the nation in a few words. So that is what came out of his mouth. One can plan Family Tours To India by hiring many travel companies available in the market. These travel agencies provide mind-blowing packages for Family Tours To India.

The country is known for its mysterious and glorifying image. All credit goes to the amazing scenic beauty of the land. One of the grand attractions on this land is the evergreen Himalayan range. The ranges are special for the passionate mountaineers. It has many fascinating stories revolving around mountaineering experiences. The country has amazing greenery structures, that charm the tourists. Shrub marvels of the South (Kerala, Tamil Nadu etc. )#) stand as special attractions to tourists. The beautiful palm and banana trees of the south foster a splendid ecological charm for the visitors. One can have it all by contacting India Travel services. India Travel services are truly a boon to the tourism industry. The sincere travel experts of these services meticulously plan tour packages for tourists. These travel experts make earnest endeavors to generate utmost delight for their clients.

Tourists find this land suitable for all kinds of trips. For instance there are tourists who consider traveling a leisure activity. This land has enough pleasurable places for gratifying those leisurely motives. Some of the most preferred attractions are Goa, Shimla, Rajasthan and Manali. On the other hand there are tourists who travel for educational purposes. They are fond of intellectual trips. For such knowledge loving tourists India has places like Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Jaipur, Kolkata etc.

Cheap Hotels In India: –

The Cheap Hotels In India make travel trips economic and affordable for tourists. Owing to these inexpensive accommodation facilities, tourism is blooming. Most travel companies hold tie-ups with the eminent companies of the hospitality sector. These agencies deliver utmost satisfaction to the tourists visiting India.

Owing to these innumerable benefits, travel companies are gaining huge scale acceptance among tourists all over the world. The prices quoted by these agencies for their packages and services are highly budget friendly. Anyone willing to hire such a service, can log on to the web and get in touch with a reliable one. However, it is advisable to read the customer reviews of these agencies, before hiring them.

Some Key Aspects to consider While Planning a Family Tour

Traveling is a delightful experience that allows you to discover some new prospects and helps to relieve you from the stress of daily life. Traveling will also allow you to gather some new experiences in life along with other countless possibilities of experiencing enough adventures and thrills. It is the best way to refresh you and get relief from the boredom of regular lifestyle. Arranging a tour with your family will also give you chances to spend some quality time with them. In fact, traveling lets you gain proper knowledge about the diverse culture of the world.

However, traveling also includes certain things that are a must for you to consider making your experience a memorable one. While planning, you must keep some specific points in mind such as the total duration of the tour, budget, documents needed and a lot more. The following points will help you to a have proper idea on the necessities while arranging:

Select Your Destination

Before considering anything else, it is important to select a perfect destination according to your liking and preferences. This will help you to set your goals and plan it properly. Also, decide the duration or for how many days you want to stay in that specific destination. You can appoint an experienced travel agent. Do not forget to list the sightseeing options of that specific place if you want to make it worthy enough.


This is one of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind. Thus, after selecting your site, research the total cost that you need for your family tour. Consider choosing the hotels, restaurants and transport according to your budget. Decide the total amount of cash that you are keen to spend.


An outing normally offers us with enough excitement, buy while planning other things don’t forget to carry your documents. There are certain hotels who ask for your ID proof and other documents. It becomes a messy situation at times if you fail to show your documents. The tourists are also bound to pay some extra fines if they travel without any documents. Thus, if you are eager to have a trouble-free experience, it is wiser to carry your documents.

Planning a modified tour is time-consuming as it requires appropriate involvement of the planner. There are some other crucial issues such as home safety, ticket booking and a lot more that you must keep in mind. Consider such issues to arrange a memorable tour.

By and large, Business Travel Is not A Pleasurable Experience

Business travel has become so common that a considerable proportion of the corporate world of America is spending more time in airplanes and hotels than on their couches or in their automobiles.

According to a recent estimate, about 40 million adults in the us travel on business at least once a year to a location about 50 miles from home. More than 20 percent of the trips made by African Americans, for instance, are related to their work.

Those who do not need to travel frequently on business consider business travel glamorous and exciting. However, in reality, business travel is often arduous.

It is tough physically, tough on the family, and especially tough on the pockets of businesspersons who do not have the luxury of generous expense accounts to take care of their travel expenses.

In addition, those who travel on business regularly, quickly wise up to the fact that a stress-free and safe journey requires the smooth functioning of a number of interconnected factors, which includes the vagaries of the weather.

According to a study conducted recently, monitoring business travel trends:

– 58 percent of business travel is undertaken for association meetings and conferences,

– 43 percent comprising of business travel made by individuals,

– and 29 percent for corporate meetings.

The study also identified some of the most popular destinations within the US for business travel. They are:

– Washington, D. C.,

– New york,

– Los Angeles/Long Beach,

– Chicago,

– Atlanta,

– Boston,

– Houston,

– Minneapolis-St. Paul,

– Detroit,

– and Dallas.

Irrespective of what the destination is, business travel is seldom an enjoyable experience. Some companies will allow their business travelers the opportunity to enjoy their travel surroundings but this is usually short lived depending on the demands of the trip.

Business travelers, who have to make frequent trips, need special facilities to ease the hassles of traveling. Airlines and hotels are increasing the levels of services they provide in order to meet the growing demands of business travelers:

Usually, business travelers research fares on their own and make their reservations online. According to a survey, it was found that only 32 percent of corporate travelers used the services of travel agents for their reservation needs, while the rest, 68 percent, preferred using the internet or online services to plan at least some part of their business traveling arrangements.

Business travelers are usually technologically conversant; hence, choose to handle all their traveling arrangements through the Internet, limiting the necessity of having to interact with travel agents and professionals dealing with customer service.

Most tourism related sites offer one-stop travel facilities for reservations of flights, booking rooms in hotels, and providing transportation on the ground.

Major airlines like Delta and American have included travel-friendly features like locating cheap fares, finding economical hotel accommodation, and hiring cars on a rental basis inexpensively on their websites.

Travelers, thus, can make arrangements for an entire business trip, which includes seating preferences, confirming special food requests, and a text message or e-mail verifying their flight status and information about the departure timings with a few clicks of the mouse button.
Most of these sites provide boarding passes that can be printed out and online check-ins within 24 hours of the departure of the flight.

At the airport, those travelers in a hurry can take advantage of check-in kiosks in order not to have to wait in long lines, and get their boarding passes and their seating information.

Frequent Flyer Miles, Automatic Upgrades, and Comfortable Seating:

One of the biggest perks of traveling frequently on business is the facility of accumulating points, which can be exchanged for vacations. Travelers, therefore, are always on the look out for hotels offering generous points facilities.

Frequent air travelers also favor automatic upgrades and comfort inside the airplane, such as generous legroom and additional storage facilities overhead. Business traveler programs like EliteAccess provided by Continental Airlines offer comforts like guarantees of no-middle-seat and upgrades to the first class if possible.

Getting Value for money:

Companies are constantly curtailing overhead expenses by cutting down on the travel allowances they give their executives, while business travelers look for ways in which they can maximize their allowances to the fullest.

For example, several hotels offer free breakfasts, while others provide complimentary facilities such as a welcoming snack or allowing their guests to make free long distance and local calls. Many hotels also offer free newspapers, tea and coffee.

Feeling at home Far Away from home:

Business travelers are so frequently away from home that they look for services that replicate their home comforts.

Although hotels are selected primarily for value and location, but business travelers expect home-like comforts like high quality toiletries, comfortable bedding, choices in beverages, cable TV and films, broadband internet access, exercise and convenient check-in/out facilities, and so on.

Give Yourself An Adrenaline Rush With Ladakh Adventure Tours

Ladakh is truly a gem of a place, so unique in its being that it is hard to find any other place that will compare with it. Ladakh lies in the glory of the Great Himalayan mountain range and is known to have unique everything- climate, culture and people.

The summer season is defined by bright warm days while winter is harsh and marked by constants now. The Zanskar river and Indus river have shaped the land and the people such that they have a completely exceptional personality. The people and culture of Ladakh is much like that of Tibet, so much so that Ladakh is often referred to as Little Tibet. Most people follow the Buddhist faith and Ladakh is known for its beautiful monasteries. While the beautiful tourist spots, monuments and monasteries, raw natural beauty and delicious food make Ladakh are good tourist destination as it is, the option of Ladakh Adventure Travel adds a thrilling edge to your vacation.

One of the most popular Ladakh adventure tours options is to sign up for a trekking tour. Trekking in Ladakh is a once in a lifetime experience, and for adventure enthusiasts, it can be one of the best life experiences ever. With glorious mountains and impressive peaks, there is no end to the trekking options. Trekking in the region is divided into three major parts: the Indus Valley region, the Zanskar region and the Kargil area. One of the most popular trekking routes is that of the Markha Valley route spreading over the Gandha La and the Gongmaru La.

Trekking is very popular in the Kargil area. Kargil is found just after the Zoji La Pass area and trekking in this region is a popular activity. The small town of Kargil is known for its gorgeous apricot orchids, great Tibetan cuisine and immensely friendly people. One can plan a trek from the Sanko region to Drass, passing through the Umba region. For those who enjoy even more of a challenge, there is the option of trekking from Sanko to Mulbek through the Wakka La Pass region.

The Indus Valley region is another popular destination for many Ladakh adventure tours since trekking is also practiced in this area. The Indus Valley region is found between the Ladakh Range towards the North and the Zanskar Range towards the south. The Indus Valley region is credited to be the heart and soul of Ladakh and has played an important role throughout history. Lying at an elevation of 3500 meters above sea level and peppered with mountains, this region is ideal for climbers and trekkers.

For those of you who truly enjoy a challenge, and want to make the Post Ladakh adventure tours, concentrate on the Zanskar region. Zanskar is somewhat far flung from the other parts of Ladakh and can only be reached by the high passes of Ladakh. It is a valley stretching across an area of 300 kms and it is surrounded by mountains on all sides. The Zanskar Valley is found in the inner areas of the Himalayan mountain range and lies at a much greater altitude than the rest of Ladakh. The twin peaks Nun-Kun and the rugged surroundings attracting climbers, hikers and adventure lovers from all around the world.

Budget Travel – 5 Luggage Recommendations

1. Get luggage that will meet all or most airline companies’ size requirements. This way you can use the same luggage for all of your travels regardless of which airline you end up with. If you travel light, you won’t have any trouble keeping your bag under the airline’s luggage weight limit (it will vary from one company to the other and can depend on the length of your journey) in order to avoid paying excess charges.

2. Always arrive at the airport with enough time to check your bags in – even if you should be able to bring it on board the plane with you. Some airlines may restrict you from bringing your bags on board at the last minute so do not take official rules for granted.

3. Trying to foresee all possible situations by bringing all kinds of items with you is utterly futile. It is the number 1 mistake of budget travelers and backpackers. If you are not sure about bringing some item just leave it out. You will most likely be able to find what you need or some substitute wherever you are. Carrying excess and useless weight around is a major bummer for travelers.

4. Don’t expect to have things sent to you through the mail when you travel. Bring everything you truly need with you. It will work well for you to send packages home but things do not work so well the other way around because international mail is slow and can be expensive. It also means you need to be tied down somewhere or at least have some address to where the items can be shipped.

5. If you bring only one specialized or expensive item, make it a good quality water purifier. You do not want to take any risks with this is several countries. Getting sick is a very good way to increase travels costs! Invest in a good compact purifier that will last a lifetime. It will be more than worth it over the long run.