Destination Wedding Planning – How to Choose a Photographer for Your Destination Wedding News

When your day is over, all you'll be left with are memories and pictures. That's why we think it's really important to pick a great photographer who will capture your destination wedding perfectly. Here are a few tips to help you find the best wo / man for the job:

Ask Questions

We've all heard horror stories of the couple who thought they hired a world-class photographer only to have said world-class photographer's assistant show up on the big day. Lesson: Do not assume anything! Ask direct questions so you are not blindsided on your big day. Who will be doing the photography? Will s / he bring an assistant? How many hours will they be there for? What equipment will they bring? Will they charge you any travel expenses?

Ask for References

Ask your prospective destination wedding photographer for the contact information of a few couples who weddings s / he has recently shot. Then, get in touch with them! Sure, it's a little awkward for the first minute but these people have valuable information for you. Ask them if they were satisfied with the photographer, if they were satisfied with the finished product, and if there is anything they would do differently about the photographer.

Go With Your Gut

Talk to your prospective photographer and see which one you have a better feeling about. Your wedding day will be nerve-racking and you want a photographer who gels with your personality and makes you feel calm. There are plenty of 'great' photographers out there who have terrible attitudes so choose the photographer who makes you feel most at peace.

Get it in Writing

Make sure you have a contract and refuse to deal with anyone who does not provide one. If your photographer is a professional, s / he will have no problem signing a contract. Be sure that everything you've negotiated with your photographer is written in the contract before you sign it.

Happy planning!

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