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The vast region of Tuscany contains many of Italy's most famous monuments, and is known for its beautiful landscapes and its global artistic heritage. There are many ways of doing a Tuscan vacation; for some, it involves being part of a group tour that makes stops in all of the major Tuscan cities. If you wish to have a true Tuscan experience however, it is far more satisfying to step off the bus and immerse yourself in the culture of some of the smaller centers.

For tourists, especially those that are not fluid in the Italian language, this approach may sound daunting at first. With the selection of Hotel Italia hotels available in the smaller Tuscan centers however, visitors can be confident that they will have comfortable, welcoming, helpful, and affordable accommodations from which to base their travels.

There exist multiple Hotel Italia options, but two in the Tuscan region that come highly recommended by past guests are the Hotel Italia Siena and the Hotel Italia Cortona. Both are three star hotels that offer clean and comfortable guestrooms, multilingual staff, and easy access to the cities after which they are named. They are economic accommodation options for travelers that wish to have extended stays in either city, or that wish to have a base from where they may conduct day trips.

The Hotel Italia Siena is located just outside of the city walls, and just a short walk (fifteen or twenty minutes) to the city center. It offers free access to an outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts during the summer months, parking for hotel guests, wireless internet at a modest hourly rate, and a great selection of breakfast options. The Hotel Italia Cortona also offers a high-quality breakfast service (with a breakfast room that overlooks the beautiful rooftops of the city), and even features massage treatment facilities on-site. Its location is ideal, in Cortona's main piazza and city center.

Although Sienna and Cortona are two of the smaller cities in Tuscany, they each have their own unique charm. By choosing to lodge in one of the above-mentioned Hotel Italia establishments, visitors will have the opportunity to see the numerous ancient town monuments, including buildings famous world wide for their architecture and special design feature, learn about age-old traditions specific to each region, be enchanted by the narrow city streets, and experience the old world hospitality that is extended to all tourists.

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