Get Away to Beautiful St. Barths

For people who want to really get away and have a vacation away from the cares of the world, the exceptional beauty of the Caribbean Islands makes for a perfect destination. These gorgeous islands offer a place that is quiet and stress-free, so travelers can have a get-away that restores their energy and gives them a chance to relax totally. It’s no wonder these islands have become a favorite vacation spot for sophisticated travelers the world over.

The Special Flavor of St. Barths

While all the Caribbean has a special allure, many travelers have made the island of St. Barth’s a go-to favorite that’s returned to again and again. That’s because this island has a unique feel that’s different from every other island in the area. The setting here is exquisite, and offers 14 different beaches for relaxing, playing, and taking walks by moonlight. This area has a special French flavor that lends the dining and entertainment attractions here a level of sophistication and charm not seen anywhere else in the islands.

Beautiful Beaches

The beaches of St. Barths are considered among the most gorgeous in the world. As part of the West Indies, this area has an air of international chic and glamour that that makes it a unique vacation spot. This area is also very low in crime, so it’s also one of the safest places anywhere to enjoy a restful break from the stresses of daily life back home. This area attracts many of the world’s most beautiful celebrities, who love the gorgeous white sands and clear blue waters these pristine beaches offer. The warmth of the water here is also a major attraction.

Dining and Entertainment

There’s no shortage of fun activities to be enjoyed in St. Barths, as this island offers many trendy shops as well as French-themed gourmet cafes. Gourmet food and champagne come directly from France to many of these establishments, so travelers can enjoy all the delights of French cuisine along with St. Barths’ pristine beach settings. Fashion shows are also offered during many lunches at the cafes in the area, so travelers who want to stay on current fashion trends can relax as they enjoy the shows.

Where to Stay

Travelers who love St. Barths have many options in accommodations. Many people who visit here enjoy renting out a villa, rather than going to a commercial hotel. The villas available for rental are utterly charming and range from delightful oceanside cottages (with ocean views, lap pools and jacuzzis) to grand estates that offer every kind of luxury.

One excellent resource for finding rental properties in St. Barths is This easy to use site offers a wealth of options for travelers on a wide range of budgets, with photos and descriptions of the properties on offer.

Isn’t it time to start planning that dream vacation in St. Barths? With all this place has to offer, there’s no reason not to.

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