Here’s Why You Should Head to Coorg for the Upcoming Long Weekend

With its pristine picturesque view, an exceptional arrangement of fauna and flora, and beautiful waterfalls, Coorg has a lot to offer travellers. In the morning you can exclusively wake up to the beautiful appearance of misty hills and relish a cup of perfectly brewed coffee. But of all the spaces to be acknowledged, the wildlife sanctuaries are the most alluring if you are with your closed one or eventually on a family trip. You can check out an elephant, a bison, and if you are lucky then you can spot a Panther. You can makeyour travel sorted with air India booking and relish this beautiful place.

Listed below are some of the exotic in and around Coorg.

Abbey falls or The Abbi

Abbey falls or The Abbi is one of the finest picturesque waterfalls in this portion of the planet. This beautiful place is stationed amongst lush green coffee farm. To reach here you have to take a trip of around 10 km from Madikere. Coorg  trekking trails are enveloped all around the falls. To attain an amazing view of these Abbey falls, you can move over the hanging bridge. The monsoons are the ideal visit Coorg. You require being cautious of leeches in this region. In the hilly regions of the Western Ghats, The Abbey falls are exclusively placed. The waters ultimately get coupled with the River Cauvery. There is a beautiful Temple of Kali Mata nearby. You can eventually move up to this shrine and back.

The Barapole River

In Coorg, this gorgeous river is the space for rafting exercises. The experience of white water here is surely one of the best in India. The picturesque river is exclusively a treasure box of beautiful scenic amusements. On another hand of the river, the region is fully forested. This amazing river has rapids amid 04 and 02. The extension of the rapid is basically 6 to 7 km. Although this is a small stretch, it is an exciting ride. The Barapole river is a fully natural body of water to exclusively play a spectrum of water sports. Eventually, there are two segments of rapids – lower and upper segments. There are few rapids lately for first-time rafters and few are relevant for experienced rafters of this white water. Before even moving into the waters, it is acknowledged that you do not have any alarming health issues.

Nalaknad Palace

There are several locations to visit in and nearby this venue. One such location amongst severals to acknowledge in Coorg is the stunning Nalaknad Palace. In Coorg, this location is generally utilized as a camping arena. The Nalaknad Palace is an exceptional two-storeyed architecture to relish

The Tadiandamol peak

In Karnataka, this beautiful scenic peak is exclusively the second highest among all. This space is an active place for regular trekkers. The nearby locations provide lots of picturesque delights. The Tadiandamol peak is around 36 km from Madikere and is exclusively stationed in the Western Ghats. Moving to the top of the Tadiandamol peak is acknowledged difficult but is literally possible and has been executed most of the times before.


The place of Bylakuppe has a huge consolidation of Buddhists. There are several imposing Buddhist shrines that have been exclusively organized here. The exercise of Buddhism is exclusively taught here at the various Buddhist shrines. You will also find the beautiful Golden Temple located at Bylakuppe. As with a number of other tourist venues, this shrine is a highly famous and recognized tourist spots as well. The shrine has a unique structure. It is quite distinct from the structure of a majority of shrines built in India. When you visit this beautiful venue, for a second it could look like that you have stepped into Sikkim! Here there are several flags of Tibetan that fly high. These different colored flags have a unique personality. Several residences have shrines or monasteries too. These are small temples in fact. But nonetheless, it is not a usual sight.

Don’t miss out on the above mentioned places to truly experience Coorg, the Scotland of India.


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