What Makes Singapore Changi Airport The Best International Airport?

Singapore’s Changi airport is yet another reason to make this country top the lists of the best places to live in the world. If you are a foreigner visiting Singapore, you will quickly notice the start of the art functioning of the airport as well as organized operations. However, the Visa Express officials advise that there is more. According to them, the reasons below are what makes it the best international airport.

High-level efficiency

If you wonder what it means to the best airport in the world, then efficiency is one of the key factors to check. Efficiency covers all aspects of the operations and Changi international airport seems to have considered all these. For instance, the check in and out at this airport in smooth with a flawless and takes a very short time unlike many airports. If they expect you, they will be waiting for you to arrive and get the needed service. One traveller confirmed that Changi is the only place he found his luggage in the easiest way during the checks.


The easiest way to pass or introduce any kind of threat to a country is through the airport. People try all manners of tricks to sneak in and out threats like explosives, drugs and biological threats to foreign countries. However, Changi security details are awake and alert around the clock. According to research, it is the most secure airport in Asia where drugs and other threats will rarely pass. If a threat is not seized in Changi it probably is not there. Their state of the art scanners, cameras, security personnel and sniffer dogs can detect any unwanted substance and people with ease.

Meets peoples’ needs

The Changi international airport is one of the few airports which can predict peoples’ needs before they even realize. The staffs are helpful especially to the foreigners who are new into the country. They will give all the information you need and answer any of the questions that you have. Furthermore, it is easy to locate the terminus or the gate you need to your flight or the public area. The numerous eatery and duty-free shops also contribute in meeting peoples’ needs. The transport system to and from the airport is through the use of taxis which is safe and less costly.


Waiting for a delayed flight and when you arrived a few hours earlier to play safe can be tiring. Further, waiting for a pick up from a late relative or friend is the worst moment when combined with the usual jet lags. However, Changi has already predetermined this and provided a solution. All The terminals have areas where people can take a nap. The lounges are cozy, secure and faces beautiful sceneries.  The safety and security of your belonging are not compromised either.

The ‘Changi Experience’

You simply need to visit Singapore via this airport to enjoy the ‘Changi Experience’ as the management of the airport refers it. It is an experience like no other and one of the best in the world as confirmed by international travelers. No wonder, the more than 50 million passengers it serves every year loves this experience.

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